Electric Bike Guides

Please browse the different sections of the Pedelecs website below in order to look through our guides to buying, maintaining and enjoying power assisted cycling.

We suggest you start with our First Timers’ section if you’re new to the world of electric bikes. In there you’ll find articles on how the bikes work, what their benefits are, road safety and our ‘jargon buster’ guide to get you started.

We also explain how to stay legal with your electric bike, how you can save money with the Cycle to Work Scheme and link to some electric bike reviews on our forum to get you a step ahead if you’re looking to purchase.  You’ll find guides to choosing the perfect electric bike in our Buyers’ Guides, as well as how to look after and maintain your new e-bike, accessories, insurance, how far you’ll be able to travel between battery charges and battery certification.

Our guide to converting your normal bike into an electrically assisted one can be found in Conversion Kits and Rental and Holidays tells you about cycle routes in areas of natural beauty in the UK where you can both take your electric bike or hire once you’re there.