Aerobike X-Ride ST


Enjoy cycling and get ready to explore.

It's the cycling you know, but with a hidden helping hand you'll come to love. Torque sensors and an advanced computer work together to analyse your pedal power, and when you're really pedalling hard, the eBike pushes harder. How does it push harder? Well that's the clever bit.

When the computer thinks you need help, it tells the motor, housed in the front wheel, to kick in. This means you can get up hills easier, go further and get a boost up to 15mph. If you want to pedal faster, to go even quicker, you can do that too.

To make sure you're always pedalling comfortably, we've fitted both our men's and women's electric bikes with a SRAM® Automatix gear changing system. This clever device knows when you need to change gear, and does it for you, meaning safer, more efficient cycling.

The lithium-ion battery, cleverly located in the space where the water bottle holder would be, is fully charged in 3 hours, and when it's full, you'll get 30 miles of cycling. So you can make that commute, combat hills easily or just explore for many miles.

What's included as standard?

The Aerobike electric cycle of your choice, as well as the lithium ion battery, the charger, a 14 day trial period, our helpful manual and your standard 12 month warranty. The X-Ride and X-Ride ST eBikes are delivered almost ready to ride and setup requires no prior mechanical knowledge.


  • Aerobike
  • X-Ride ST
  • £799.00
  • Commuting & Town, General leisure
  • Female
  • Low step through
  • Aluminium
  • Asia
  • 250
  • Front hub
  • 36V/5.8Ah lithium-ion
  • 30
  • Pedal assist only, no throttle
  • None
  • V-type
  • SRAM Automatix System
  • Aluminium
  • Sports
  • 28
  • Kenda Commuter
  • Aluminium
  • Aluminium
  • 17.3
  • 12 months with 14 day trial

Service & Repair options

USB Rechargeable bike light set £19.99
Mudguard Pack £29.99
Spare Battery

Optional extras

Awaiting information


The manufacturer states this bike adheres to the following European standard: EN 15194 standard for 'Electronically Power Assisted Cycles' (EPAC)

Lithium battery conforms to UN standard 38.3


Awaiting information

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